Nasal Delivery of Spray Dried Biologics:
Opportunities and Challenges


Interest in nasal delivery of biologics has been fuelled by the use of spray drying as the method of choice to engineer stable dry powder products. 

Dr. Richard Johnson, Chief Scientific Officer at Upperton Pharma Solutions discusses the ability spray dried nasal formulations have to offer offer excellent stability, targeted nasal deposition, enhanced permeation with a tried and tested route to commercial-scale manufacture.

Whitepaper Topics:

  • Nasal anatomy and potential delivery targets.
  • Barriers to delivery and pathways into the body.
  • Spray drying to produce particle formulations for successful nasal delivery.
  • Testing spray-dried nasal formulations containing biologics.

About the Author:

Dr. Richard Johnson is the Founding Director and Chief Scientific Officer at Upperton Pharma Solutions, a UK-based Contract, Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO). Graduating from Warwick University with a PhD Biochemistry he was employed as a protein chemist at Delta Biotechnology. In 1994 he was part of a management buy-out team that founded Andaris Ltd, a research and development company exploiting the use of spray drying technology in the fields of diagnostic imaging and drug delivery. In 1999, Dr. Johnson founded Upperton and has overseen significant growth and expansion over the past 20 years.